The Shady Zayn Train Has Officially Left The Station

17 August 2015, 21:36

Zayn vs Calvin Harris
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Zayn and Calvin Harris just came for each other and we 100% can't deal.

Earlier today we wrote about Zayn's complete lack of chill and offered some sage advice. and it seems as if he has read that, and decided to do the complete opposite.

It started with him retweeting this:

Bitch Problems Taylor/Miley Zayn Tweet

The callout/comparison post between Taylor Swift and Miley's ethics towards musicians earning money against streaming services and piracy earned Zayn's endorsement... 

...which caught the attention of one Calvin Harris.

The producer and bf of Taylor stepped in to clarify her position on her behalf, but was obviously a bit terse. 


And with Zayn being Zayn, it's time for a FIGHT.


But Calvin tried to keep it light, or something. 


And with a final pissy blow from Zayn, Calvin did the "bigger man" bit.


Can anybody say "yikes"?