10 Everyday Problems That All Taylor Swift Fans Will Be Able To Understand

26 December 2014, 23:13 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Taylor Swift Blank Space Video

By Jason Gregory

It's hard being a Swiftie.

It's a tough life being a Swiftie. You die all because of seven seconds of static, you single-handedly promote '1989' in your town and you spend your days making fan artwork (see our terrible effort below).


All the while, the world just doesn't *get* your Taylor love and you're left with a bunch of problems no-one can understand.

1) Everyone thinks you're crazy.

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When someone asks you about your Taylor Swift obsession.

2) You emulate her geeky dance moves in real life but no-one gets it.

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3) You want to stand on a horse like Taylor but you don't own a horse or know any horses. 

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4) You know what the 'Seven Seconds of Static' incident was and you found it an emotional rollercoaster as well.

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5) You can only discover the people who are JUST LIKE YOU if you wear this shirt.

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Then you have to explain it all to your grandpa.

6) You get your pets involved in the fandom whether they are willing or not.

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And they probably know every lyric to '1989'.

7) You live in constant fear that Taylor might be stalking your Tumblr.


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8) You felt like you had to get everyone in your park/town/school/life to buy '1989'.

You are probably responsible for 25% of all of Taylor's record sales.

9) You have probably done something ridiculous in Target.

10) And you've already died so many times that you're dancing to '1989' like.




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