10 Frank Ocean Inspired Motivational Posters To Help You With Your Feelings

28 January 2015, 09:48 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

frank ocean poster
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Don't thank us. Just send cash.

Frank Ocean is a super emotional guy with lots to say about everything. He's insightful and irreverent which makes us wonder why his lyrics aren't on motivational posters.

That being said, we put his lyrics on motivational posters to look at until Frank Ocean releases another album for Christ sake. 

Stripper booty and an ass like wow (Novocain) 

In this lyric, Frank Ocean uses the rhetorical device of oversimplification. He admires the female form in more complex ways than he lets on but chooses to describe her as "wow". The listener receives a mental picture of a curvaceous woman with ample assets despite Ocean choosing to describe her in, otherwise ambiguous terms.

Fuck it let's toast and listen to Michael Bolton (Golden Girl) 

Some could consider Michael Bolton as the Frank Ocean of his time (sensitive and known to make a woman feel feelings). The businessman imagery signals that deep down inside every pressed suit and tie there is a Michael Bolton romance freak waiting to be unleashed.

Thanks for fuckin' with me (Golden Girl) 

Fairly straightforward, Frank Ocean spells out 'Golden Girl' to lead into his next line. Despite being described as unintelligent, Frank values this mysterious woman who is poor at spelling, but loyal. Chalkboard graphic is self-explanatory.

What if the sky and stars are for show and the aliens are watching live? (Pink Matter) 

This lyric is the perfect manifestation of Frank Ocean's tendency toward paranoid thought. Frank Ocean has said in the past that he doesn't believe America landed on the moon. This, coupled with his proclivity for flowery and often abstract lyricism, can lead us to the conclusion that Frank Ocean is secretly an old woman worried about aliens.

We’ll run to the future shining like diamonds in a rocky world (Pyramids)
Two old people running on a beach. What’s there not to get?

I've been thinkin’ bout you (Thinking About You) 

I have been thinking about cake a lot.

As I told you from the beginning, I don't have money (Not Just Money) 

The woman in this photograph represents the stark reality of an artists struggle. In the song "Not Just Money", Frank sings about needing to work but also maintaining artistic control over his product.

There will be tears (There will be tears) 

Despite achieving relative success, Frank Ocean still finds himself grappling with feelings of isolation and despair. The photo of the balloons is meant to represent goals he has attained while the caption will likely ground the reader to the harsh reality of a nasty and brutish existence.

Full breasts on my baby (Lost) 

Frank Ocean is a fan of breasts in the least offensive and most whimsical way possible.

Don't try to leave me (Try) 

A woman laughs on the phone with the caption "don’t try to leave me". She represents the outer shell of our beings, longing for acceptance which we, as humans, are so often denied. instead we are given the hollow dissatisfaction of imperfect relationships. Hence "Don't try to leave me".  

Or, like, whatever. I don't know. 

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