10 "Paper Towns" Gifs That Sum Up The Hellish Awkwardness Of Your First School Crush

7 August 2015, 17:22 | Updated: 15 November 2016, 16:28

Paper towns
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

That feeling when you're 100% Quentin.

There is nothing quite like your first school crush. In fact, we've found ourselves feeling a bit like Quentin from Paper Towns on more than one occasion when it comes to romance. Of course, most times your crush is never exactly what you expect them to be, but the feelings of a first love are always intense.


1) When you first notice your crush and you might have heartburn but you also might be in love. 

What is life?


2) So then you try to talk to your crush but you remember you're embarrassing and kind of the worst.

You have a sneaking suspicion they're aware of your existence but you have no real way of checking whether or not you even register on their radar.


3) And you start thinking 'how could your crush like you when there are 7 billion other people to like?' 
There are genuinely so many other people to like on this planet that it would make no statistical sense for your crush to like you.


4) And there is nothing you can do to stop your friends from being TOTALLY GROSS about them. 



5) But then you find out that you and your crush both collect Black Santas and you connect about your weird tastes.

And you're thinking "THIS IS MY TIME, BABY! I'M SO THERE." 

6) So you throw out your "World's Best Grandma" tee to make it seem like you've got good taste.

You loved your "World's Best Grandma" t shirt.

7) But when they're not in school you have to bottle up all your black santa banter. 


8) And people won't stop coming up to you and saying "SO HAVE YOU GUYS MADE OUT YET?!" "ARE YOU TOGETHER???"


9) But then suddenly everything gets a little too heavy and you realise you're scared of commitment so you hide in your locker for a while.
Just chiling....


10) And by the time the next school dance rolls around, you've got your friends and a brand new love of your life. 

"So do you collect anything?"