10 People Who Would Rather Die Than Take Their Exams

18 May 2015, 12:38 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Woman crying
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

We're all in this together

Exam season is well and truly upon us. With the most difficult exams circling and descending like vultures, the only solace that can be had is the fact that you're not alone. 

Here are 10 people who would literally rather die than take their exam.  

1) The girl who had to read Of Mice And Men.


2) The girl attending her own funeral.


3)The person who noticed the weather reflected their mood.


4) And also, well…


5) The person DJ'ing their own demise.


6) The girl who turned into a lizard person.


7) The guy who needed a moment.


8) The guy who is leaving society after his exam.


9) The guy who was emotionally overwhelmed thinking about the end.


10) And the idiot sandwich.

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