10 Pop Punk Disney Song Covers That You Need To Hear

20 August 2015, 16:43 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Fall Out Boy are releasing a "Jungle Book" cover soon and we are ALL ABOUT THIS LIFE

This week at PopBuzz we picked up some exciting news:

  1. Disney are releasing an album of song covers by famous artists.
  2. Fall Out Boy are going to be on it.

We Love Disney is a new compilation of old Disney movie favourites, as covered by more recently relevant artists like Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo and Jhené Aiko. FOB have already recorded their own rendition of "I Wanna Be Like You", King Louie's swingin' song from The Jungle Book. Seriously, a pop punk cover of THIS THING:

The excitement of this news made us go seek out some more pop punk covers of Disney songs. Here's our top 10:

1. Fall Out Boy - "What's This?" (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

FOB have worked with Disney before, most recently on an original song for Big Hero 6. But before that, they put their own spin on Jack Skellington's excitable number from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, as part of a reworked compilation album called Nightmare Revisited.


2. American Hi-Fi - "When You Wish Upon A Star" (Pinocchio)

Another random Disney compilation was a 2004 Japan-exclusive album called Mosh Pit On Disney, which had a lot of rock reworks from notable artists such as American Hi-Fi. This cover is actually amazing.


3. Kimmi Smiles - "Kiss The Girl" (The Little Mermaid)

YouTube rockstar Kimmi puts her own spin on this cute classic, with an adorably alternative video.


4. Bowling For Soup - "The Bare Necessities" (The Jungle Book)

Bowling For Soup are notorious for not taking themselves too seriously, which allows them to really jam out to this classic Jungle Book groove.


5. Patty Walters - "I Just Can't Wait To be King" (The Lion King

As It Is frontman and YouTuber Patty is notorious for his Disney love, but it makes for some amazing covers.

6. Alkaline Trio - "Movin' Right Along" (The Muppet Movie)

Muppets totally count as Disney; especially when you get Alkaline Trio covering something as fun and feel good as this hit from Kermit and Fozzy.


7. The Vandals - "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" (Mary Poppins)

Somebody had to do it, honestly.


8. Touchdown Boy - "You've Got A Friend In Me" (Toy Story)

Indie pop-punkers Touchdown Boy featured this cool rework on an early EP.


9. Letters To Autumn - "Under The Sea" (The Little Mermaid)

Little Mermaid songs work surprisingly well in pop punk form, if only because that hook sounds 


10. The Last Sleepless City - "Let It Go" (Frozen) 

Because how could we possibly finish this list without a goddamn "Let It Go" cover? Have this distinctly rocking cover from The Last Sleepless City.