16 Illustrated Pop Themed Food Trucks That Will Make You Very Hungry

29 January 2015, 11:53 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Illustrated foodtrucks

By Jacqueline Bowerman

The Notorious BLT at your service.

The double edged sword concerning the endless limits of human imagination is that once you get over how great a new idea is - DRAKE'S CAKES AND SHAKES - there's an immediate disappointment that it is forever 98% certain that the idea will never exist in the real world. :-(

We can only hope these drawings inspire a new legion of pop music themed foodtruck owners, because I really need a Snoop Dog Dogg in my life.

Dog Wall

1. Snoop's Doggs/ De La Soul Food


Illustrated foodtrucks

Illustrated foodtrucks

2. The Notorious BLT / Drakes Cakes & Shakes

Illustrated foodtrucks

3. Out Kasserols / Cod Future

Illustrated foodtrucks

4. Master Pea Soup / Peanut Butter & Nelly's 

Illustrated foodtrucks

5. Kanye Asada / Jay Ziti

Illustrated foodtrucks

6. Griddle Wayne

Illustrated foodtrucks

7. A Tribe Called Lobster Rolls / Bey Entrees

Illustrated foodtrucks

8. Uncle Taco's Tacos

Foodtruck illustrated

9. Waka Waka Falafels / Lil Kimchi

Foodtruck illustrated
(art by Sean Solomon)

Existence is possible.

90's popstar foodtruck ref: Jason Donervan

jason donervan

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