20 GIFs That Sum Up The Inevitable End Of Your Summer Break

28 August 2015, 14:22 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Summer's almost over, school's almost back, let's all deal with it together.

1. When it's just starting to feel like the best summer ever.



2. And then some adult says "Enjoy it while it lasts!" 


3. But then you see the first "Back To School" advert on TV. 



4. And suddenly it feels like the pressure is on to have fun.


5. When someone asks "Are you ready to get back to work?"


6. And you realise that the work is going to be harder when you go back.



7. When the sun starts setting at, like, 7pm again.



8. When that rich kid finally comes back from their 2-month holiday. 



9. When some asshole points out that the next big break isn't until Christmas.


10. When you realise that your whirlwind summer romance never happened.



11. When someone reminds you of all the summer reading you were supposed to do.


12. And your parents start saying "You need to get back into a normal sleeping pattern".


12. When all the clothing stores start discontinuing their summer lines.






15. And you realise that time moving faster is a symptom of getting older. 


16. But there's STILL that one person who thinks "you've been on holiday for ages!"


17. When there's that one day in August that's just, like, weirdly cold.


18. And your tan has already started fading before people at school can see it.



19. When you're down to the last weekend and the squad has to fit in as much fun as possible.


20. And when your alarm finally wakes you up on that first day back.

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