Can You Spot All 20 Pac-Man References In This Short Film?

14 July 2015, 12:37 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Watch the adorable "The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts" and get your geek on.

Spending our morning picking out retro video game references in a short film was not on today's agenda, but sometimes you find something that appeals to you in just the right way.

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts is an adorable 3min short film from Joe and Lloyd Stas. It tells the fleeting and tragic story of Maria, a girl who has to take a Polaroid of everyone she meets to make sure they aren't a ghost (We can imagine that gets expensive quickly). Also, it's heavily inspired by the big yellow pill-munching Pac-Man games. Because of course it is.

The directors have claimed there are "over 20 Pac-Man references" in the short, which seems like an ambitious amount for 3 minutes. But can you spot them all? Watch below and let us give you a helping hand.

It's okay, we couldn't spot 20 either; but this definitely gave us a chance to flex our retro-gaming trivia muscle. Check out the ones we found below: 

The pill bottle (like what Pac-Man eats) says "Midway" (Pac-Man's other publisher) and "1980" (The year of the game's release).

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts


Cherries! The iconic fruit from the game that gives the player a points boost.

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts


Mikey's phone number is the highest possible score that anyone can achieve in a "perfect game" of Pac-Man.

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts


We couldn't identify the exact music in Mikey's headphones, but it's definitely from one of the many games in the Pac-Man franchise.

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts 11


Mikey mentions his friend Clyde's band. "Clyde" is the name of the orange ghost in the game.

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts


"The Maze" is obviously in reference to the levels of the game. Which are mazes. Obviously

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts


There's a little "No Flapping" motif on the wall with Pac-Man's silhouette...

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts


...and a sneaky Pac-Man outline on the disco ball.

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts


These Coke boys might be a really obscure reference to Pac-Man Plus, a version of the game where the fruit was replaced by items such as Coke cans.

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts


GHOSTS. Red, blue, and pink (or orange?).

The Girl With A Fear Of Ghosts 

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