14 Problems You'll Only Know If You're A Short Person At A Concert

12 January 2017, 13:13 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Short Person Asset

By Jacqueline Bowerman

A novel by me. (A short person).

A problem as old as time itself, the unending feud between the "smalls" and "talls" of the earth - particularly when the battleground is the standing section at the concert of your favourite band.  

1) You always have to arrive at the venue HOURS before the show starts to secure your place at the front.

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2) And when the doors open, you're always the one who falls behind because your legs aren't freakin' long enough to run.

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3) No matter what happens or where you end up standing, the tallest person at the concert will suddenly manifest right in front of you, blocking your view.

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4) And they'll probably be accompanied by four other tall friends because all the tall people are friends with each other and they travel in packs.

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5) Even if you find a good spot, that all changes when the band comes on stage and the "surge" happens.

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6) Now you literally can't see sh*t.

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7) You know that your neck will end up hurting for the next week thanks to the strain you're putting yourself through for a glimpse at the band.


8) And you spend so long on your tip toes that you start to think your legs are now the most toned and sculpted they've ever been.

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9) There is nothing worse than people holding their camera above their head, blocking your view.

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10) You end up spending the majority of your time watching the show on the screen of someone else's camera.

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11) You start up a conversation with the other short people around to and begin to form a campaign for cheaper prices for short people.

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12) You spend the entire gig waiting and hoping that people in front of you leave to use the toilet so you can slide closer to the front.

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13) You've NEVER caught a drum stick or a sweat towel because the tall people always get there first. 

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14) And JUST when you managed to find a comfortable space with a clear view to the stage... the band announce the last song and you're just there like...

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