24 People Who Broke Their Selfie Sticks And Now Their Lives Are Totally Over

16 January 2015, 15:20 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09


By Jacqueline Bowerman


Selfie sticks break.  And when they break, they break our hearts.  Or at least this is what these 24 (now former) selfie stick owners would say...

Below, a look at the pitfalls, betrayals, sadnesses and perils that comes with the responsibility of being a proud owner of the noble, yet under-celebrated selfie stick.


When The Selfie Stick Breaks:

Your life, as you know it, is pretty much over... immediately. 



It is an extremely sad time for all.


And the loss can occasionally lead to sleepless nights...


And sometimes, the sadness turns to anger...


Sometimes, the stick itself causes the problems...



Tragedy often strikes way too soon.



And tragically, in many cases, the stick is broken by ones closest to the stick owners...

FML Gabby!!!!


... And the list of betrayal is endless.



But much of the time, the culprits are actual FAMILY MEMBERS...

Sticks are broken by siblings...



And dads... ESPECIALLY Dads.



Luckily though, the final moments of the selfie stick's work do get to live on...





All in all, it's a tough, tough world for the lowly Selfie Stick owner. 




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