5 Australian Artists Who Are Definitely Better Than Iggy Azalea

20 April 2015, 14:49 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Sorry, Iggy Iggz

Contrary to popular belief, Australia has far more to offer than Iggy Azalea and the occasional break out star from down under. As it turns out, Aussies are master electro pop purveyors. They're nowhere on the scale of Sweden (because who is, really) but these guys sure can make a good beat.  

1) Alison Wonderland
Alison Wonderland

We covered Alison Wonderland as a part of our midweek series a few weeks ago. The Sydney native has come along way from her days as a youth cellist in her hometown. Alison has seemingly traded in her bow for a mixing deck and, if her Coachella set is anything to go by, she probably made the right decision.

2) Govs
Govs band

Govs is the solo project of Gold Coast native Josiah Birrell. Well produced and breezy, Govs channels the basics of new electro pop for optimum results.

3) Cosmos Midnight
Cosmos Midnight

So what do you do when you're a pair of Sydney based twins with a love of electronic music? Form a production duo and call it Cosmos Midnight, of course. These guys couldn't be anymore tidy with their production technique and the results are pretty addictive.

4) Tkay MaidzaTkay

If we're talking Aussie rappers, Tkay Maidza is probably the best up and coming young talent from the island. Her music crosses genres and influences and basically satisfies that weird art student rap lover inside all of us. She is Azealia Banks meets Angel Haze meets Shamir meets M.I.A. If you don't know, well now you know. 

5) Ta-KuTa-Ku

Perth based producer Ta-Ku is another artist championing an ultra glossy, ultra clean style of delivery. Highly romantic (think Drake) and ultra sensual (think The Weekdnd), Ta-Ku may just be Australia's answer to the wave of relationship hip hop taking over the industry.