5SOS DIY Videos You Need To Watch NOW

12 August 2015, 12:46 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

5 Seconds of Summer signing

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Get your Pritt Stick and sewing kit out, it's time to get your 5SOS DIY on.

We know what the summer holidays can be like, those long days where you had so many plans to make it the ~BeST sUmmEr EvERrrrrr~ kind of haven't materialised and you've spent most of your time reading Larry Stylinson fanfic online. Your friends are jetting off to Florida, Benidorn and Skegness and you're stuck in the house with not a single person replying to your Whatsapp. What are you to do? Why does life suck so hard? And have you really come to a point where cleaning your room sounds like an amazing idea?

Never fear, we're here to help in the form of some seriously cool 5SOS DIY. Stalking the band on Twitter and licking your screen every time Luke updates his Instagram no longer makes you a super fan these days. Unless you've decked out your entire life in 5SOS goodness (bedroom, phone, granny...) then you are no-one. NO-ONE.

To make sure your life is complete again, we've got the best 5SOS DIY videos on the Internet so you can make, do and mend just like your ancestors. 

The 5SOS T-Shirts


The 5SOS Phone Case


The 5SOS Collage

The 5SOS Crayon Art


The 5SOS Room Decor