7 Of The Best DIY Beyonce Merchandise You Can Buy On Etsy

18 December 2014, 16:20 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Beyonce Jelly Knife on Etsy

By Jason Gregory

Want. Want. WANT.

Before you continue, you just need to remember one thing.


Now let's continue.

1) Beyonce Jelly Knife - £12.74.


Actual jelly won't even be ready for this jelly knife.

(via BlockAndHammer)

2) Beyonce Altar Candle - £8.28.


Bey peace be with you.

(via LastCraft)

3) Beyonce Dog Hoodie - £17.84.

Bow down, bitches.image

(via LeopoldApparel)

4) Beyonce (And Jay Z) Pillows - £81.56.


Lazy in love.

(via ReStyledByValerie)

4) Beyonce (And Jay Z) Friendship Necklaces - £10.19.


Bey-Z(t) friends.

(via ShopBenji)

5) Beyonce 'I Woke Up Like This' Banner - £10.16.


Treat yo' self.

(via SimplySwig)

6) Beyonce Face Earrings - £3.18.


All the single lobies. All the single lobies.

(via HippieandHeartthrob)

7) Beyonce Aspirational Mug - £9.53.


We have run out of puns.

(via TheHappyDept)

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