The 7 Best Things We Learned From Game Of Thrones Natalie Dormer's Reddit Q&A

19 November 2014, 17:07 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Natalie Dormer

By Jacqueline Bowerman

Just like you, she loves Natalie Alt-J.

The Game of Thrones and Hunger games actor recently took to the Reddit Q&A, sharing everything from head-shaving tips a la Jennifer Lawrence, favourite bands, favourite Harry Potter houses and of course, some general Game of Thrones, Hunger Games and Elementary geekery.

Check out the 7 best things we learn from her Reddit Q&A below.


1. Jennifer Lawrence once tried (and failed) to save her from shaving her head.


2. If you ever need to find her on set, she'll be standing next to Jennifer Lawrence at the buffet table.


3. She has many, many favourite cheeses. Cue unexpected cheese digression.


4. She loves listening to Alt J, Sia and Hozier.


5. The strangest places she's been recognised was in a sauna.


6. She would like to join the Ravenclaw clan.


7. And most importantly, her Game of Thrones zombie apocalypse clan of choice would be Pedro, Rory, Gwendoline, Jaime Lannister and Norman Reedus(!)


(via reddit)

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