9 Vines You Won't Believe Are Only 6 Seconds Long

20 May 2015, 17:13 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Vine guy
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden


Vine is so weird. In updates following its meteoric rise to popularity, it has allowed people to put a LOT of production value into... six seconds. And that's apparently its only limit. But there are plenty of Vine creators who see that as a challenge, and are somehow squeezing full narratives into the length of time it takes me to, like, stand up. 

Here are just 9 time-bending Vines that seem to stretch beyond the 6-second possibility:


1) This guy keeping himself amused in a car 

Slap bracelets, moustache tweaking and even squeezing in some Taylor Swift; this guy somehow compresses like 20mins' worth of boredom into one Vine.


2) "YEET"

The crux of this Vine is over in a flash; but the celebratory dance just... keeps... going...


3) This guy's whole life flashes before his eyes 

How you gonna just fit a whole life into a Vine AND make it funny?! 


4) Dog gets all its chores done

Three whole things? That would've taken me like an afternoon.


5) "When my friends don't wait for me" 

This person somehow fit an entire revenge plot into 6 seconds. NAH.


6) With vs. without glasses 

This full transformation story even has a soundtrack??? SORCERY


7) When my sibling eats my food

These guys are going full-blown 300, this is ridiculous...


8) "Damn, I was just speaking" 

 Did... Did these three just manage to dismantle the double standards of street harassment within a single Vine??? 


9) That one student that leaves you hanging... 

Brandyn had time to finish his test early, do a slo-mo walk-off, AND a victory dance. EXPLAIN???? 

Know any other Vines that can't possibly be 6 seconds? Share them in the comments!