Abigail Breslin Wrote A 5SOS Burn Song And It Backfired Spectacularly

28 November 2014, 16:03 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Abigail Breslin - You Suck
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Good breakup songs require a lot of delicacy and practice. Here's one that was written with neither of those.

Actor Abigail Breslin, best known for her adorable leading role in 'Little Miss Sunshine' in 2006, has launched her new signing career - and has already started with the Angry Breakup Song.

Abigail dated Five Seconds Of Summer bandmate Michael Clifford about a year ago, and apparently the end of their brief relationship was horrible enough that Michael warranted a lyrical dragging, as Abigail released a video for pop rant 'You Suck' this week.

But the track doesn't appear to be quite the hit she may have expected - though it's going down really well with the 5SOS fans.

The original music video has since been taken down, but was reuploaded fairly quickly:

We're usually all for vindictive artists getting revenge on exes or people that hurt them through their songs, but 'You Suck' is... well, it's flat-out mean. And not even in a very clever or subtle way; the lyrics are mostly just direct criticisms of Michael's appearance, including his "To The Moon" tattoo, the scar above his eye (really?), and the verbatim sting of "all your band mates are hotter than you".

Yikes. Bit of a far cry from the cute little beauty pageant contestant that wanted to make everyone feel better about their appearance.

Fortunately it seems Michael is taking it on the chin.

When the 5SOS fandom got wind of the track, things escalated very quickly - and #YouTriedAbigail has been a popular hashtag over the past couple of days.

 The band appeared in a radio interview together today, and all the others were making a few not-so-subtle jokes about the track while Michael was suitably baffled.

We probably shouldn't hold our breaths for a rebuttal song from 5SOS, then...