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PopBuzz is a website and mobile app for the next digital generation. We explore the depths of the internet to discover what fans and web creators are saying right now. We seek out the hilarious, the unique, and of course the latest memes and bring it all together in one place.

Meet The Team


Woodrow Whyte - Managing Editor

Don’t @ me, unless your name is Troye Sivan.

Twitter: @woodrowwhyte

Woodrow Whyte 

Katie Louise Smith - Senior Editor

Full Slytherin. Usually crying about a Shonda Rhimes TV show or screaming at a Ryan Murphy one. Once made eye contact with Beyoncé.
Twitter: @_katesss
Katie Louise Smith 

Emily Beard - Senior Social Media Editor

Meme librarian and halloumi stan
Twitter: @emilyjbeard
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Benedict Townsend - Senior Content Writer 

Benedict Townsend is a writer who specialises in interviews, creating videos and free-climbing giant mountains like Tom Cruise at the start of Mission Impossible 2 using his unbelievable physical strength. He is wanted in 14 territories for crimes against Content and should not be approached unarmed.

Benedict Townsend 

Nicky Idika - Content Editor

Content person with a heart of gold. One time I met Shawn Mendes and he was very polite.  
Nicky Idika

Sam Prance - Content Editor

Pop culture personified. Would die for Little Mix. Wants to be Cheryl but is Betty head to toe.

Sam Prance

Steve Wilson-Beales - Head of Editorial (Global)

Ultimate #content overlord. Non-millennial. I spend most of my time just nodding and trying to understand everyone above. Like it’s TOTALLY LIT, right guys? Er, Guys?  
Twitter: @stevewbeales
Steve Wilson-Beales Twitter Photo