These YouTubers Collaborated With Amy Schumer And It Was Awesome

6 August 2015, 13:26 | Updated: 15 November 2016, 16:28

Hazel Hayes and Amy Schumer
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

We’re not sure who’s funnier, Jack and Dean or Amy?

Let us tell you one thing you probably already know: YouTube is filled with incredible British comedy and filmmaking talent, from one of the closest, most supportive communities online. So it’s fair to say we were over the moon to find out that our comedy queen Amy Schumer was teaming up with some of YouTube’s finest talent. That’s just all kinds of amazing right there.

Amy hooked up with ChewingSand talent Hazel Hayes and the unstoppable Jack and Dean to promote her new film Trainwreck, which is out later this month.

With Hazel, Amy took on her legendary Tipsy Talk and the chat kicks off with a bang: “Don’t write mean comments!” Amy yells at the camera which is basically a motto for life. What we love most about this video is that the pair have an incredible connection and are basically kindred spirits. Obvs Amy has that natural spark with seemingly everyone but it’s Hazel who shines especially in this video and suddenly a whole new fanbase has opened up for her.


We’re not quite sure who we’re supposed to ship in this next video; Amy and Jack? Dean and Amy? Or Jack and Dean?! In this comedy sketch, Jack attempts to hook up with Amy and, as you’d expect, the consequences are hilarious. This video is unadulterated silly fun and we loved it. In under four minutes, the pair establish themselves as one of the best comedy duos the Internet has to offer.

On a wider scale, we love the fact Amy took a quirkier route when it came to doing the press for her film, and dared to be a little bit different; hopefully it sets a precedent for other stars about the quality and utility of the vlogging world.