Apple Music’s Exclusives: Our Hopes, Dreams and Expectations

30 June 2015, 15:14 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Apple Music Launch

By Alim Kheraj

From Taylor Swift to Drake, Apple have some tricks up their sleeves.

Apple’s streaming platform, Apple Music, is launching today (30 June), and the music world is about to explode. 

First reviews of the service are starting to drip in, with many questioning the future of digital downloads. Eek! 

However, while the industry side of it all might be important, how is it going to affect YOU?

Well, we know that the service is free for the first three months (win!) and that it’ll cost £9.99 ($9.99) thereafter. So far so normal, right?

So what is Apple Music going to offer you that no one else can?  

While TIDAL might have lured some people in with their, some what lacklustre, exclusives, Apple seems to be pulling out the big guns. 

So here’s a list of the exclusives that we’re expecting to see on the service when it launches later today, along with some rumours and our dream additions…


We know that Pharrell has promised that he’ll be streaming his new track “Freedom” exclusively on the platform. Kindly, the “Happy” hit-maker even shared a snippet of the track on social media and even allowed the track to be featured in Apple Music’s TV ad, which you can watch below. If this track is as big as “Happy”, God help us all…

Dr Dre

Dre has, for a long time, been a big supporter of Apple. This may have something to do with the fact that the tech corp. threw $1 billion his way for BEATS, but that's beside the point…

Anyways, the rapper has agreed finally to allow his 1992 record The Chronic available exclusively through the platform, something that's bound to make hip-hop fans rejoice and sign-up sharpish.

Taylor Swift

Despite Taylor’s protestations about 1989 NOT being an “exclusive”, it seems that that’s exactly what it is, given that Apple Music will be the only platform to host the multi-million selling record for streaming. 

Whether you believe that Taylor Swift and Apple are secretly conspiring to overthrow the music industry, and ultimately the world, with their perfectly timed letters and reactions (I mean, who hosts a board meeting on a Sunday, right?), this is a big coup for Apple. 


While this may not exactly be an exclusive, it seems that AC/DC have given in and allowed their back catalogue to appear on various streaming platforms, including, you guested it, Apple Music. What a coincidence, eh?


This has only been partially confirmed, but given that Drizzy dropped by Apple’s developer conference for the announcement of the new streaming platform we figure it’s a pretty safe bet that he’ll be dropping his hotly anticipated new album, rumoured to be titled Views From The 6, on Apple Music. Whether this is via the platform’s social media aspect, Connect, or fully is TBC…


Given that U2 and Apple have a looong history from iPods to terrorising people by forcing their album on people’s computers and devices, we figure that we can expect the rock band’s new album Songs Of Experience to appear on the streaming service when it’s ready. 

The Beatles

Apple is the only digital retailer of The Beatles’ back catalogue, so it seems like a logical step that Apple Music will play host to songs such as “Let It Be” and “Yellow Submarine”. 

Katy Perry

For all those that can remember the dark days of 2013 before Bey ‘beyoncéd’ BEYONCÉ, it seems that Perry is following the diva’s promo trail of actually selling nothing but herself. From the Super Bowl to gracing the cover of fashions mags, Katy Perry is everywhere for no reason. Do we smell a surprise release…? 

Kanye West

While he’s part of the infamous TIDAL 16, Kanye has kept pretty quiet about the Jay Z owned streaming platform, even going as far as to remove all TIDAL messaging and imagery from his social profiles. Could Yeezy be jumping ship? 



Stranger things have happened…

Apple Music launches today at around 4pm BST, so we'll see shall we...


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