Ariana Grande Is NOT Like Donald Trump

14 July 2015, 11:14 | Updated: 28 November 2018, 12:05

ariana grande

By Alim Kheraj

Just when we thought #DonutGate was over, everything kicks off again.

When Ariana Grande went to go and lick that donut, we're not sure she was prepared for the media storm that would surround her actions. 

Whether it was people's disgust at the 22-year-old licking confectionary or her comments about how she "hates America", it seems that everyone has weighed in on #donutgate, with Grande issuing TWO apologies for the incident. 

We're sure that Grande breathed a sigh of relief when she found out that she would face no legal repercussions, however we're not sure that being compared to walking toupee Donald Trump was something she ever thought would happen. 

Trump recently lost lucrative deals with Macy's and NBC after comments he made stating that Mexican immigrants were drug dealers, rapists and criminals. 

Now a Republican congressman from South Carolina, Jeff Duncan, has called out the "double standards" of Americans, claiming that Grande's actions were just as bad. 

Taking to Facebook (of course), Duncan wrote: "Just curious: where are the NBC's, Univisions, ESPN's, record labels, concert venues, etc in this Ariana Grande incident? They were mighty quick to jump on the "bash Donald Trump" bandwagon when he spoke about illegal aliens and "sanctuary city" policies."

Continuing the GOP congressman added: "This misguided young pop singer said that she hated America and hated Americans, while she proceeded to contaminate food for resale with the very tongue with which she uttered the hatred rant.

"The double-standards in this country are disgusting."

Don't @ us, but the last time we looked we're pretty sure licking confectionary and making a joke weren't as bad as labelling a whole bunch of people as rapists. 

Likewise, Grande isn't running for office where there's the potential for her to have control over foreign policies and issues surrounding immigration. 

In fact, Grande has been a supporter of many liberal charities, including arts programs in Africa and Stand Up To Cancer, not to mention she's a staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights. 

While Trump might have his own philanthropic outlets, we're still not sure that his racist and somewhat mis-informed comments are comparable to the silly actions of a young woman. We mean, when Pitbull is saying that you're in "hot water" you know you've got a problem. 

We feel it's time to put #donutgate to rest, don't you? 

To close things off, we'll leave you with Hilary Clinton, who included Grande in her Spotify campaign playlist #BreakFree: “I have just one word for Donald Trump: Basta! Enough!”