If You're A Vegan, Can You Please Just Go Away And Take Your Paper Shoes With You

9 December 2014, 16:22 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Azealia Banks - ATM Jam

By Jason Gregory

Yours sincerely, Azealia Banks.

Not content with re-naming Iggy Azalea to Iglo Australia, Azealia Banks has now shifted her attention to Vegans. If you are a Vegan, basically, Azalea Banks hates you. Sorry.

In a bizarre Twitter post (although on the grand scale of bizarre Azealia Banks tweets, this is actually pretty mild), the rapper launched an acerbic tirade against Vegans and their lemon-loving lifestyle.

And then this happened.

Azealia's comment came just a few years after she tweeted saying that she had decided to become a part-time vegetarian. 

But hang on a second, if you're feeling a pretty epic double-standard here, Azealia actually signposted her feelings about Veganism in 2011.

So I guess at least she's consistent.

And it raises some important questions: Why doesn't she like lemons? What is her favourite hard cheese? And more importantly, is anyone safe from Azealia? 

Pescetarians be like...


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