Meet This Japanese Metal Band And The Gifs That’ll Make You Go “What!?"

15 September 2015, 14:07 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Literally, what is happening?

Unless you're a big metal fan, you probably haven't heard about BABYMETAL. But trust us, they're about to BLOW. YOUR. MIND.


Mixing traditional Japanese idol culture, J-pop and heavy metal music, BABYMETAL are real confusing. Like, they're cute, but they're also really freaking us out? We're not sure whether we should be singing "Kumbaya" with them round a campfire or running into the trees. These GIFs pretty much sum it up.

At first we're all like 'Awww cute!'


But then we're like 'are you children of the devil?'

They seem so sweet and innocent playing around on stage.

But then they look like they're psyching themselves up to perform an exorcism.

We're pretty sure they're just regular girls living out their dreams.

But the backing band are giving us nightmares!

Their shows look pretty awesome though.

And we can't deny the girls have got moves!


But don't be fooled. They could beat your ass any day.

They primarily stick to peaceful activities.

But watch your back. And make sure you give them chocolate, if they ever ask.


Ultimately we've got a lot of love for Su-metal, Yuimetal and and Maometal. Even if they give us the creeps sometimes. Pro tip: "Gimme Chocolate!!" is a super good soundtrack for cleaning your room or screaming into the void. Trust us.

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