7 Tips For Becoming A Beauty YouTuber

2 November 2015, 14:42 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

zoella make up

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Follow our advice and you'll be the next Zoella... Maybe.

Once upon a time being a blogger or a YouTuber was never a full time job, more just a hobby which took up a lot of time for little reward. Then, thanks to the joy of social media, it blew up. In just 10 years, YouTube has gone from not even existing to making multi-millionaires out of our favourite stars. It's also left a pretty big dent in our pocket thanks to all those beauty hauls we just had to copy. Oops. 

These days, not a moment goes by when we don't wish we had Zoella's pad or could bring out our own range of beauty products like Tanya Burr or Fleur De Force. But, never fear, you absolutely can make it in the world of beauty vlogging and we've got all the best tips.

Here's how you can make it big...

Say My Name, Say My Name


If you're a Zoella superfan, you'll know that Zoe's channel name is "Zoella280390" - not easy to remember, right? And Tanya Burr started out as "Pixi2Woo". Whilst putting your full name out there might be scary, it really is best to keep to something similar to your actual name. Need some inspiration? Beauty vloggers MsRosieBea, Zoe London and Lily Pebbles all use variants of their real name. And, if you make it big, it means your book/lipgloss range/merchandise won't be branded with something childish like "LittleMizzLipgloss7059"

Vlog What You Know


And you know about beauty, right? Passion comes through on the screen and if you love make-up, can't get enough of skincare and have all the best tips for fake tanning then share that with the world. If you're keen to recreate a celebrity look, make sure you do your research and try and find interviews where they talk about their beauty routine. It's like studying but better! 

Lights, Camera, Action!


You might think you need a bunch of fancy equipment and huge lights to kick start your YouTube career but that couldn't be further from the truth. Our top tip if you're starting out? Buy yourself a selfie stick! Yup, they're annoying AF and they're banned from the Vatican but they're a wannabe vloggers' saviour. Simply attach your phone and rest the stick at eye length. And when it comes to lighting, the best lighting is free... sunlight! Natural light is your friend and won't make you look washed out and/or orange. Score!

Get Used To Talking To A Camera


Trust us, vlogging is weird at first. And no matter how many times we've sat at our dressing table and talked to ourselves as we've applied our daily make-up look, once the light is flashing and you know you're being filmed then all sense goes out of the window. Being confident in front of the camera will take some getting used to and no-one expects you to be as chatty as Lucy and Lydia right away but a few practice takes is well worth your time.

It's All In The Edit


You'll probably have some basic video editing software on your laptop so take an afternoon out and figure out how it works. Basic things like adding music, intro text and being able to cut out bits of the video you don't want will make your videos look amazing and help rack up those subbies in no time!

Your friends are you, er, friends


Even if you're friends aren't into YouTube, they'll no doubt be able to help you succeed in someway. Why not ask a friend to help you film a lookbook? Or offer to give her a makeover in return for appearing in your video? Or even something as simple as spreading the word about your channel will really give you a boost when it comes to getting viewers. 

Finally, have FUN!


You know what, it might take you years to get 100 subscribers or you might become an overnight sensation. But either way, just like you do with make-up, have fun. Do it for the love. Enjoy filming the hauls, editing the smokey eye tutorials and uploading the reviews. So, what are you waiting for?!

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