5 Beauty Youtubers Other Than Zoella That You Need To Watch

22 April 2015, 14:46 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Your guide to Youtube's rising beauty stars

Navigating through youtube's crowded landscape of beauty and fashion stars takes a certain level of patience.

On the one hand, you have Youtube's experienced stars, peddling £50 eyeshadow palates and primers while they juggle their Superdrug contracts. While, on the other hand, you have your lesser known (but still totally rad) beauty and lifestyle bloggers who combine personal knowledge with a bit of practical advice. 

Here are 5 beauty vloggers you should definitely be subscribed to.  

Claire Marshallclaire marshall

Makeup artist by day, beauty guru by night--Claire Marshall is a wealth of knowledge. Luckily for fans she is more than ready to impart her knowledge one tutorial video at a time. Like most beauty Youtubers she does a monthly haul video alongside specific how-to videos. She has got helpful tips and tricks for different types of skin and she's not afraid to test out a product or two for her loyal followers. Watch her videos here.

Essie ButtonEssie button

London based by way of Canada, Essie is leading the charge when it comes to totally conversational and relatable beauty Youtubers. She's a little bit nerdy but a lot-a-bit savvy, Essie has the market cornered on beauty Youtubers with personality. Plus, if you follow her vlog channel, you can get a glimpse of her dog Reggie who is the actual cutest. Watch her videos here.


Patricia Brightpatricia bright

Patricia Bright has come a long way since she started Youtubing. In a sense, she has learned makeup alongside her subscribers. She's very on top of makeup trends and in the know when it comes to tricks to enhance certain features. She's a God send for darker skinned girls who can learn a lot when it comes to Patricia's easily replicated makeup looks. Watch her videos here.


For those dying for an edgy makeup look that isn't overly intimidating and isn't short on the glow factor, Australia based June is your girl. Her channel mixes both styling and makeup essentials and really relies on that 'not-too-put-together' aesthetic. Watch her videos here.


The Beauty CrushBC

The Beauty Crush is a favourite for a slightly younger skewing audience. One reason for this is likely that Sammi is big on drug store products which is appealing and refreshing when compared to other beauty Youtubers. Again, she is super accessible and not overly put together, making her of the more laid back beauty personalities on the site. Watch her videos here.

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