11 People Who Got The Worst Sex Education Lessons And Need A New Teacher ASAP

13 July 2017, 09:46 | Updated: 19 November 2018, 15:00

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Our health teacher tried to teach us about pregnancy using interpretive dance."

Everyone gets bad sex education advice at some point. Whether it's from a teacher, your parents, or tragically misinformed friends, we've all been given sex and reproduction advice that should never have been spoken out loud to another human being. 

People on the internet shared the worst sex education advice they've ever received and some of these will make you want to scream. 

1) "Sex is like peeing."

Anonymous question box: What does sex feel like?
Teacher: You know when you have to go pee really bad, and when you finally go, it feels really good? 100 times that feeling.

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2) "Don't have sex or you'll die."

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3) Ohhh, so THIS is how STIs are transmitted.

In sixth grade my science teacher took a piece of tape and put it on my arm. She ripped it off and showed everyone the dead skin on the tape. Then she started putting the tape on other kids and said if we had sex, all our germs would travel from person to person and eventually everyone would have diseases. Not really great to tell that to someone with severe OCD.

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4) Could there be a less straight forward sex education lesson than this? 

Our Health teacher tried to teach us about pregnancy using interpretive dance. It was three months ago and I'm still confused.

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5) Surely there's more to this whole sex thing.

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6) This is so...elaborate. Also, not sex education.  

The teacher gave us a hershey’s kiss and said "If you can wait until tomorrow, I’ll give you five, but if you eat it, you don’t get any more". I of course ate mine. She then spent the next day telling us this is how abstinence works and how no man will want to marry you if you have sex before marriage.

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7) This is wild and wrong, guys. 

HIV can move through condoms because it is smaller than the spaces between the molecules making up latex. 

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8) An icebreaker

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9) Just wiggle.

My mother eloped with my father and after a week of marriage, my grandmother handed her a used tube of KY jelly [lube] and said, “Well, all I can tell you is - wiggle when he wiggles." 

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10) OH NO. 

On the first day of class, Mr. Brown told us all we needed to know about sex and birth control. “Use the pull out method. It worked every single time for me and my wife, except for our two kids." For the rest of the semester, Mr. Brown read a newspaper at his desk.

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11) What does this mean?

Bad advice

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