Brandon Flowers Is Like An 80's Puritan In His New Music Video

31 March 2015, 15:41 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Brandon Flowers - Can't Deny My Love
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

The Killers frontman adapts classic American lit in "Can't Deny My Love".

If there's one way we would describe Brandon Flowers' latest video, it's "indie-Mormon"; as pegged by our editor.

Brandon Flowers - Can't Deny My Love

Travelling back to Puritan America, the new video from The Killers' frontman has been recognised as a direct adaptation of classic short story Young Goodman Brown. Brandon leaves his young wife (played by Evan Rachel Wood) to go off on a mysterious errand in the woods, meeting an old robed man with a staff. What could it all mean?

The track itself is a blasting contrast from the video; an awesome 80s synth-pop style jam that wouldn't sound out of place on a HAIM album. It makes for an oddly excellent matchup with the video content; "indie-Mormon", right?

Check out the new video below.

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