Brandon Flowers' New Music Video Is Literally All Of Us When Home Alone

28 April 2015, 11:02 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Brandon Flowers - Lonely Town
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

"Lonely Town" is a shoutout to all of us who dance alone while listening to The Killers. They KNOW.

If you've ever seen The Holiday, chances are you identify pretty strongly with Cameron Diaz's crazy solo dance party to The Killers' "Mr. Brightside".

There's something about the music of Brandon Flowers that just inspires that innate need to get up and dance, especially when we're by ourselves. And apparently, he knows.

The video for Brandon's new single "Lonely Town" was released yesterday, and it serves as a tribute to all those of us who get lost in our own movements when we hear his lovely, mournful voice. 

Even with the awesome 80s vibe that flows through Brandon's new album, with a weird touch of voyeurism in the video, pretty much everyone can identify with this girl dancing alone through her whole house.


If you haven't gotten into the hype yet, press play below and DANCE.

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