This Brave Man Is Listening To Nothing But Nickelback For A Week For Charity

19 February 2015, 11:53 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Jesse Carey - Nickelback Challenge
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Podcaster Jesse has raised over $22,000 for Charity: Water, by listening to nothing but the band everyone loves to hate.

People don't like Nickelback. It's become weirdly cool to actively not like Nickelback. We know you were ALL jamming to "How You Remind Me" when you were thirteen, so we can only chalk it up to how little their music has changed in the past fifteen years.

But while we've all collectively written them off, one man is taking the fall for us all, in the name of a good cause. RELEVANT Podcast's Jesse Carey is currently about halfway through a marathon week in which he listens to nothing but the entirety of Nickelback's discography, on repeat, for a total of 168 consecutive hours.

Jesse Carey - Nickelback Challenge

Jesse is using this insane week (dubbed "the Nickelback Challenge") as a platform to raise money for Charity: Water. And not only has his online campaign surpassed his original goal of $10,000; he has doubled it, and with 40 days left on the campaign, already more than 730 people in developing countries will gain access to clean water with those funds.

And so, now for the payoff. Jesse is keeping the world updated as he embarks on a full week of Canadian cowboy rock with Chad Kroeger's sultry growling over every. single. track.

The week is well underway, but the pressure has been on from as early as Day 2.

 A normal person may crack under the strain, but Jesse is persevering.

And in an act of pure selflessness, he's keeping the exposure to himself.

We could all truly learn a thing or two about the strength of the human psyche from this man.

What a guy. You can donate to his Charity: Water page here.

We'd like to dedicate a song to you, Jesse. It's not sorta Nickelback.

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