East 17's Brian Harvey Just Launched An Angry (But Tidy) Attack Against The Music Industry

13 January 2015, 14:03 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Brian Harvey Smashes Bins

By Jason Gregory


Remember East 17? Of course you don't, but as their former frontman Brian Harvey is about to remind you, the group managed to sell more than one million singles in the 1990s.

But times have changed and now Brian's all kinds of NSFW unhappy with the music industry. Over to you Brian.

The bizarre video was uploaded over the weekend to Harvey's own channel and, in case you're still stunned, shows him smashing some of his East 17 memorabilia against some wheelie bins in an alleyway.

The people of Twitter have been reacting as you might expect someone who has just seen a man smash up some bins to react.

Harvey has yet to expand on his new crusade against the music industry, which comes a matter of months after he turned up at Downing Street demanding to see the Prime Minister.

But it raises some interesting questions:

  • What will he do next?
  • Where is "F*ck The Industry 1"? Is this the Memento of revolutions?
  • Why can't East 17 just get back together?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Harvey did tidy up his mess. This is a tidy, if a little angry, revolution after all. 

So glad those bins were right there.

Now, for old times sakes.

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