18 Essential Songs To Soundtrack Your Summer Holiday

24 May 2016, 09:14 | Updated: 15 November 2016, 16:28

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Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

A playlist for whatever holiday you take next.

All of life's best moments need a playlist; weddings, birthdays, hungover trips to McDonalds - you name it, it needs a playlist. 

Holidays are no exception, so our friends at British Airways challenged us to make the ultimate holiday playlist which you could play on any type of trip. We were like...


So here you have it, the ultimate holiday playlist. If you think you can do any better, or we left out your favourite baggage claim banger, let us know in the comments!


When you wave goodbye to your house for the next two weeks: N Sync - "Bye Bye Bye"


And one for when you drive straight back because you've left your passport on the kitchen side: Paramore - "Fast In My Car"


For every person who checks their bag every 5 minutes in case they've lost their passport: Garbage - "I Think I'm Paranoid"


When you casually buy 5 bottles of gin in duty-free: Britney Spears - "Toxic"


For the nervous flyer during take off: Foo Fighters - "Learn To Fly"


And then when you land: Ariana Grande - "Be Alright"


When you need a baggage claim banger: Jennifer Lopez - "Waiting For Tonight"


Tfw you arrive at your hotel and you can't remember what real life is anymore: Fergie - "Glamorous"


To get over the sheer terror of attempting to speak a foreign language: Girls Aloud - "Can't Speak French"


When you've opened Tinder because you're hella thirsty and wanna check out the local refreshments: Panic! At The Disco - "Girls/Girls/Boys"


When you match with a handsome bullfighter named Alejandro and he promises to leave his wife for you and everything seems so romantic: Lady Gaga - "Alejandro"


Then you remember you have a boyfriend but the fantasy was nice while it lasted: Lana Del Rey - "Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)"


When you need to get turnt before heading on a night out: Beyoncé - "Formation" 


Actually, you're gonna need two: Rihanna - "Work"


No, three: Troye Sivan - "Youth"


When you're feeling sad because you have to leave, there's always this song: The 1975 - "The Sound" 


When you get home and you can't even deal with real life anymore: Meghan Trainor - "No"


But there's always next time, right?: Weezer - "Holiday"


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