Buzzing: Songs You NEED to Hear This Week #8

24 August 2015, 16:20 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Lana Del Rey Terrence Loves You

By Alim Kheraj

New music for DAYZ.

It's that time of the week that we bring you our hottest tracks from the past 7 days and this week is a proper corker with tracks from Becky G, JoJo, Aaron Taos and Lana Del Rey. 

Got a suggestion, we'd love to hear it so hit us up on Twitter. We love recommendations as much as the next person. 

But in the meantime, let's get stuck into this week's amaze new music! 

Nimmo//"Dilute This"

London based Nimmo have been on our radar for a while and surprised us last year with their two singles "Jaded" and "Others", a pair of indie-lead synth pop that were catchy and different. 

Now the band, fronted by childhood friends Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett, have signed to Columbia records and have been working on their debut album. And lead single "Dilute This" was most definitely worth the wait. It's aggressive 80s synths and atmospheric soundscape are more akin to house music and The Human League than Cindy Lauper (a welcome change), while pops of percussion punctuate along, high-hats and drum pads giving the song a modern aesthetic. In fact, this track reminds us of the first La Roux album in all the right ways. It's moody, anxious and kinda thrilling. AK

Kwame Liv ft.Angel Haze//"Please This Pain"

Angel Haze has had a busy month of August. She has spent a great deal of time, these last few weeks, showcasing her indomitable rapping and singing ability. On “Pleasure This Pain” she and Kwame Liv trade sung verses before Angel gets her rap thing going. “Pleasure This Pain” is a slow burning track, that is, sonically, complex and layered quite thickly. One strong thing about “Pleasure This Pain” is that it doesn’t bare the cross of being “too west coast” or “too east coast”. The track is just solid. NI 

Becky G//"Break A Sweat"

It's annoying when a rather exciting pop entity doesn't quite kick off the way that you want to, and we were pretty sure that Becky G was going to fall into "album-is-never-gonna-come-out" territory. 

Fortunately we might've been too presumptuous, because Becky G has returned with the perfect follow up to her bops "Shower" and "Can't Stop Dancing", and it's kinda sexual. Called "Break A Sweat", the song is all cheerleading chants, hand claps and the catchiest chorus since Jeppo's "I Really Like You". Lyrically, it's all double entendre and implied coquettishness; Becky G wants you to break a sweat and keep on doing it (whatever that means...). Regardless, this song is a jam. AK

Aaron Taos//"Simple & Sober"

Aaron Taos’ “Simple & Sober” sounds the way that the end of summer feels. Hazy, drawn out, and languid, indie newcomer Aaron offers up some major pop sensibility with this release. In quite a similar way to bands like Weezer, Aaron explores the fine line between beachy California rock and solid pop. “Simple & Sober” is, rhythmically, quite mature and compositionally quite clever in its simplicity. “Simple & Sober” follows “ILL” from a couple of months ago and is your low-key indie jam of the week. NI

Lana Del Rey//"Terrence Loves You"

Just when we thought that nothing could eclipse the ridiculously good "High By The Beach", Lana goes and does it again. 

This time it's moody album track (and instant grat) "Terrence Loves You", a suitably sweeping cinematic ode to a man named Terrence and, of course, heartbreak. For us, this might be the best that Lana has ever sounded, the hints of vulnerability peaking through in the choruses and soft verses. The flecks of jazz throughout are the equivalent of the orchestra pit warming up, erratic, surprising and kind of comforting. It's truly sublime and we're pretty smitten with it. AK

Mosquito Coasts//"Call My Name"

Mosquito Coast’s “Call My Name” feels fun and adolescent in a way indie music rarely feels these days. A persistent and extremely buoyant drumbeat ensures that “Call My Name” is nothing but smiles and head bops all around. The guitar riffs feel familiar but not dampened by the rampant sameness that has come to plague the genre. The Perth based band are Triple J’s “Unearthed” winners at only 17 years old but it’s clear the pair are going places. NI

Keyes//"Black Magic"

18-year-old Keyes is practically a pop baby but she's already released a track that's so on fire that we're burnt to a crisp. While it might have been a bit misguided to also release a song called "Black Magic" this summer, Keye's song is very different from Little Mix's and in the best way possible. Scandic-Like synths pulse a-top a heavy bass line, while Keye's vocal is caked with emotion throughout. The result is immediate, melancholic, powerful and properly amazing. Give this one a spin (or two). 

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