Angus Cloud claps back at "rude" shop worker while trying to hype up Jacob Elordi

6 April 2022, 12:00

Angus Cloud claps back at "rude" shopkeeper

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

If you're rude to Angus, you're rude to all of us...

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Angus Cloud has clapped back at a "rude" shopkeeper on TikTok and the internet is absolutely living for it.

The Euphoria actor, who plays Fezco in the HBO series, is known for his incredibly chilled out attitude both on and off screen. Case in point, when an Entertainment Tonight reporter at the 2022 Oscars asked him what he would say to the fans who had an emotional reaction to the final episode. He replied: "I’ll tell them…. that’s what’s up… you know what I’m saying."

Well recently, Angus bumped into his Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi in a shop… well, his Men's Health cover. In case you didn't know, Angus has a habit of hyping up his co-stars' magazine covers and advertisements. He famously raved about Zendaya's Valentino campaign on Instagram and Sydney Sweeney's Cosmopolitan cover.

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Angus Cloud claps back at "rude" shop worker
Angus Cloud claps back at "rude" shop worker. Picture: Alamy, @anguscloudofficial via TikTok

He said: "Walking around, minding my own business as usual and guess who I run into? My mother-fucking brother, man. Yo, what's happening bro! Everything good with you, man?"

Angus looked incredibly impressed by Jacob's cover, and he continued: "You looking good, man, you look like you’ve been working out or something, you feel me? 'Get Back In Shape', I heard that. 'Eat The Tacos Lose The Pounds, 30 More Tasty Ways To Slim Down' you heard. Yo, love, love, love, good to see you brother, I’m going to catch you soon."

But just as he was about to put the magazine back, the shopkeeper said something to Angus. Although it's impossible to hear what was said, it can't have been great, because Angus' mood took a complete nosedive.

Angus hit back: "Alright damn, I’m just trying to look at your merchandise. Hella rude."

TikTok Comment
TikTok Comment. Picture: @anguscloudofficial via TikTok

The now-viral clip has racked up 14.1 million views on TikTok so far and people can't believe the exchange at the end.

One person commented: "THE ENDING LMFAOAOA," and another added: "Now who’s being rude over there Angus?" The Empire State Building's official TikTok account even chimed in: "Not the mood change at the end."

Uh, we truly don't deserve him.

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