Ashley Tisdale claps back at bookcase backlash after house tour video goes viral

1 April 2022, 17:15 | Updated: 1 April 2022, 17:34

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

People are mad about Ashley buying *checks notes* books!?

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The internet lives for a celebrity interior design moment (see: Khloe Kardashian's pantry) and now people are losing it over Ashley Tisdale's husband frantically buying 400 books to fill their bookshelf.

As all '90s babies know, Ashley knows what she's doing when it comes to style (Ashley wearing a feather boa on the red carpet walked so Harry Styles could run). So it will come as no surprise that her house is absolutely flawless.

The High School Musical actress recently opened the doors of her "self-designed" family home in Los Angeles for Architectural Digest, which she moved into while seven months pregnant with her one-year-old daughter Jupiter.

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Ashley Tisdale claps back at bookcase backlash after house tour video.
Ashley Tisdale claps back at bookcase backlash after house tour video. Picture: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images, Architectural Digest via YouTube

The stunning property featured a neutral colour palette throughout, an entire chest filled with candles and custom made furniture. But what everyone was really fascinated by was the tale behind Ashley's bookshelf.

In the clip, Ashley revealed that the shelf was actually empty until recently, when she forced her husband to run out and purchase 400 books to fill the shelves. She said: "These bookshelves, I have to be honest, actually did not have books in it a couple of days ago. I had my husband go to the bookstore and I was like, 'You need to get 400 books.'

"Obviously my husband was like: 'We should be collecting books over time and putting them on the shelves.' And I was like, 'No, no, no NOT when AD comes.'"

Someone tweeted about that exact moment in the interview and the internet has a lot of opinions.

Some people were actually furious that Ashley hadn't built up her book collection over time.

The commotion over books (!!!) got so bad that Ashley actually had to step in and provide some context.

She tweeted: "Let’s clear this up. There are some of my books from over the years in there but yea 36 shelves that hold 22 books I did not have and any interior designer would have done the same. They do it all the time, I was just honest about it."

Ashley's husband, composer Christopher French, also added: "(1) Support local used bookstores when (2) staging for photoshoots and (3) don’t worry if people have opinions about it, because some people will always feel the need to have an opinion about anything, no matter how trivial. We got most of them from Iliad Bookshop! The best."

Ashley then followed it up with: "Sorry I haven't been reading everybody's tweets, I've recently just got a lot of new books to get through."

Ashley also shared details of her book club and current recommendations.

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