Bhad Bhabie rips into Dr Phil's response to 'abusive' Turn-About Ranch accusations

8 April 2021, 16:28

By Katie Louise Smith

Did Dr. Phil apologise to Bhad Bhabie? Danielle Bregoli has called out Dr. Phil's response to her Turn-About Ranch video, and slammed him for not apologising.

Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregoli, has ripped into Dr. Phil's response to her recent video detailing her time at the Turn-About Ranch, where she was sent after her appearance on his show in 2016.

In March, Bregoli released a video on YouTube called 'Breaking Code Silence - Turn About Ranch abuse Dr. Phil', where she detailed her personal experiences at the ranch, and the alleged abuse she and other teens said they suffered while she was there.

At the end of the video, she questioned why Dr. Phil still sends kids to the ranches, saying: "It doesn’t make sense. Like, are you trying to help them or are you trying to hurt them even more?”

She also called out Dr. Phil directly and told him to apologise to her and the other teens who were sent to these facilities after appearing on his show, and if he doesn't, she will "handle things [her] way."

Dr. Phil eventually addressed her video, but Bregoli was not happy with what he said. She also called him out for not apologising to her or other the teens who had made similar allegations.

Did Dr. Phil apologise to Bhad Bhabie?

Bhad Bhabie reacts to Dr Phil's response to Turn-About ranch claims
Bhad Bhabie reacts to Dr Phil's response to Turn-About ranch claims. Picture: Bhad Bhabie via YouTube, Randy Holmes via Getty Images

What did Dr. Phil say about Bhad Bhabie's video?

In an interview with broadcast journalist Ashleigh Banfield, Dr. Phil addressed Bregoli's video and essentially distanced himself and his show from Turn-Around Ranch. Banfield shared a clip of the interview on Twitter that included Dr. Phil's response.

"She went to Turn-About four or five years ago and she had a bad experience," he said. "Obviously, I would hate that, we'd be sorry about that. We don't have anything to do with what happens with guests once they leave they stage. That's between the guardian and the parent and whatever facility they go to. We’re not involved in that, we don’t have any feedback from them. So, whatever happens when they’re there, that’s between them and the facility.

He added: "I assume if she had a problem, she filed a complaint with the proper authorities or something five years ago."

What did Bhad Bhabie say in response to Dr. Phil?

Bregoli responded to the interview by posting a new YouTube video where she reacted to Dr. Phil's comments – and she didn't hold back.

Bregoli first criticised Banfield for only vaguely referencing her comments in the interview, noting that they focused on the sleep deprivation claim and failed to mention the other details. She then directly reacts to Dr. Phil's claim that he has no feedback from the ranch, saying that it wasn't true.

“Are you f*cking nuts? Are you actually f*cking nuts? I’m really trying to keep my composure but these two are really not making it easy,” she said in the video. Bregoli then claimed that her mother "signed a consent of release of information to send progress reports directly from Turn-About to the Dr. Phil show."

She then added: “So when you say that you don’t have any f*cking feedback from them, that is not true!”

Bregoli went on to criticise Dr Phil even further, saying: “So if you’re saying you don’t have any feedback, maybe you should be getting feedback about these places before you’re just sending multiple people’s f*cking kids here. You’re just trying to save your ass. That’s all you’re trying to do is save your ass. But there’s too many stories and there’s too many people behind this that you can’t save your ass anymore.”

By the end of the video, Bregoli made it clear that she was not happy or satisfied with Dr Phil's response to the accusations, saying: "I'm not done with you, Phillip. That was not a f*cking apology."

She also urged people who have had similar experiences at ranches like Turn-About to reach out and email her at

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