Bridgit Mendler's incredible career path leaves fans stunned

21 February 2024, 20:48

Bridgit Mendler dances with her mother

By Katie Louise Smith

"Bridgit Mendler has the most incredible resume ever seen."

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While most of us know and love Bridgit Mendler as a Disney Channel star and pop icon, she recently just surprised fans all over the world after revealing her new role as CEO and co-founder of a space data company.

After digging deeper into how Bridgit went from the Disney Channel to figuring out new ways to transfer data between Earth and actual space (!), people cannot get over how impressive her professional career actually is.

Bridgit is an actress, singer, songwriter, executive, businesswoman and she has several degrees and doctorates. And she's managed to achieve all of that success at the age of 31.

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Bridgit Mendler's amazing career path has left fans absolutely stunned
Bridgit Mendler's amazing career path has left fans absolutely stunned. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Disney Channel, LinkedIn

Bridgit began her career as a child actor, rising to prominence on the Disney Channel in the late '00s.

In 2009, she appeared in one episode of Jonas before landing the recurring role of vampire Juliet, love interest of Justin Russo, in Wizards of Waverly Place.

Bridgit became a firm fan favourite, going on to star as Teddy in Good Luck Charlie, and Olivia in Lemonade Mouth before she later moved away from the channel. In 2015, she played Candace in NBC's Undatable, and Ashley Willerman in Nashville season 5.

Bridgit's final on-screen character was Emmy Quinn in Netflix's Merry Happy Whatever in 2019.

Bridgit Mendler played Juliet on Wizards of Waverly Place
Bridgit Mendler played Juliet on Wizards of Waverly Place. Picture: Getty

At the same she was appearing on the Disney Channel, Bridgit also began a music career. She released her debut studio album Hello My Name Is... in 2012, and dropped some absolute bangers including 'Ready or Not' (which became an international Top 40 hit) and 'Hurricane'.

She also contributed to the Lemonade Mouth soundtrack, and has been on two concert tours.

Her last music project, an EP titled 'Nemesis', was released in 2016.

Bridgit Mendler - Ready or Not

After her music career, Bridgit then took a step away from the entertainment industry to focus on her education.

In 2016, she graduated with a BA in anthropology from University of Southern California (USC). In 2017, she began studying at MIT after she was announced as one of the MIT Media Lab's Director's Fellows. A year later, she revealed that she had started a graduate program at MIT, with a focus on improving social media.

In 2019, she enrolled at Harvard Law School, and also went on to complete her MS (Master of Science) from MIT in 2020.

Bridgit also earned a PhD from MIT's Center for Constructive Communications and Social Machines group. And in 2024, she earned her JD (Juris Doctor) from Harvard Law School.

And now, in 2024, Bridgit has just revealed that she had started her own company, Northwood Space, a satellite data startup that she co-founded in 2023. She is currently the CEO of the company.

Discussing Northwood with CNBC, Bridgit said: "The vision is a data highway between Earth and space. Space is getting easier along so many different dimensions but still the actual exercise of sending data to and from space is difficult. You have difficulty finding an access point for contacting your satellite."

An actor, a singer, a song-writer, a BA, MS, PhD and a JD graduate, and now the CEO of a space data company? People can't comprehend it. "Bridgit Mendler has the most incredible resume ever seen," one viral tweet stated.

"Not going to lie, going from Disney channel to a space data startup is insane. And Harvard of course since we’re at checking all the boxes haha," another wrote.

"It's her. She's Barbie," someone else pointed out.

Elsewhere, in her personal life, Bridgit has also been married to husband Griffin Cleverly since 2019, and recently announced that she had adopted a 4-year-old boy.


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