Is Drake Bell Mexican? Singer changes name and now sings in Spanish

20 November 2020, 16:08 | Updated: 20 November 2020, 17:08

By Katie Louise Smith

Who is Drake Campana?

Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell has changed his name on social media to Drake Campana, after posting on social media in Spanish for the last year.

For those not aware, Drake has been singing in Spanish for a while now. Back in November 2019, he also tweeted: "mis redes sociales ahora solo estarán en español, no más inglés" which translates to “My social networks will now only be in Spanish, no more English.”

But he's only recently changed his name to Drake Campana. Campana, by the way, is the Spanish word for Bell.

Drake has yet to comment on his change of name so it's unclear if he's legally changed it, or just simply switched up his stage name to fit with his new sound. He's also now put a Mexican flag next to his name, prompting thousands of fans to wonder whether or not he's actually Mexican.

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Is Drake Bell Mexican?

Drake Bell has changed his name to Drake Campana
Drake Bell has changed his name to Drake Campana. Picture: PA Images, drakebell via Instagram

Drake Bell is American and was born in Newport Beach, California to parents Robin Dodson and Robert Bell. He grew up in Orange County.

It's unclear why Drake has made the move to sing and post exclusively in Spanish but he reportedly has a huge Latinx fanbase.

In a 2020 interview with Esquire Mexico, Drake said: “Growing up in Southern California, there has always been a Mexican influence, especially where I grew up, which is Orange County, so I always kept in mind. I went all the time and when I started doing tours, I got to know places that I fell in love with."

Speaking about his music, he continued: “I wanted to do something for the fans of Mexico, with Latin rhythms and I wanted to do something like what I have heard on my tours and visits to Mexico. I love writing in Spanish, it is a beautiful language”.

(The quotes above were translated using Google Translate.)

Some fans seem to have only just found about Drake's new Mexican music and they've been reacting on social media.

There you have it.