Elliot Page sends fans wild with new passport photo

4 July 2022, 15:28 | Updated: 31 August 2022, 16:06

Elliot Page opens up about Viktor coming out as trans in The Umbrella Academy

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Best passport photo I’ve seen."

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Elliot Page has sent his followers into orbit after sharing a new photo on Instagram.

If we've learnt anything in recent months it's that celeb ID photos are nothing like regular people's photos. Kylie Jenner recently went viral after sharing her "perfect" driving license photo, while there was a whole passport photo trend on TikTok to teach people how to get the perfect image.

Well, Elliot has obviously been taking notes because he just shared his new passport photo and people are sweating.

On Sunday (July 3), The Umbrella Academy actor posted an image on Instagram alongside the caption: "Never thought I would love a passport photo." In the pic, Elliot can be seen wearing a black T-shirt and a silver necklace while he stares down the camera lens.

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Elliot Page sends fans wild with new passport photo
Elliot Page sends fans wild with new passport photo. Picture: Alamy, @elliotpage via Instagram

People couldn't get enough of Elliot's passport photo, which may have been changed to reflect his gender identity and name change after he came out as transgender back in 2020. 

"He’s so handsome it’s unbelievable," one person commented. Another added: "Best passport photo I’ve seen." And a third fan chimed in: "SIR HOW IS YOUR PASSPORT PHOTO THIS GOOD."

Elliot has been sharing more on Instagram recently, including opening up about his dating life. In 2021, Elliot ended his three-year marriage to choreographer Emma Portner and he hasn't dated anyone publicly since then. But now he's joined a dating app for the first time.

On Instagram Stories, Elliot shared a photo of himself and actress Ritu Arya, who plays Lila Pitts in the Netflix series, on a bed together huddled over Elliot's phone. The caption reads, "@ritaaryu guiding me on my first dating app ever."

Elliot didn't specify what app he had chosen to join, but we can only assume it's celebrity favourite Raya…

Elliot Page Instagram Stories
Elliot Page Instagram Stories. Picture: @elliotpage via Instagram

*immediately downloads every single dating app*

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