John Boyega calls out racists in powerful video about George Floyd

28 May 2020, 11:03

John Boyega says “f--k you racist white people” in powerful Instagram Live video

By Sam Prance

John Boyega took to Instagram Live after he received unwarranted backlash for speaking out about George Floyd's death.

John Boyega has responded to racists and people criticising him for speaking out against racism on Twitter and Instagram.

Yesterday (May 27), John Boyega tweeted about the murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis Police officers. He wrote: "This just burns. Seems to be a never-ending cycle. The murderers need to be charged severely. Even in the face of death this man was given zero empathy." John then added in a separate tweet: "I really fucking hate racists."

John then made clear that he was specifically talking about white on black racism and his comments received widespread praise. However, there was some unwarranted backlash from trolls online and now he's addressed it in a powerful video.

John Boyega calls out racists in powerful video about George Floyd
John Boyega calls out racists in powerful video about George Floyd. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, @johnboyega via Instagram

Taking to Instagram Live last night (May 27), John said: "I hate racists with a passion. There's no way that I have the opinion that there's no other forms of racism, of course, there's other forms of racism, but a black man was just murdered in cold blood in the streets stateside again whilst saying that he can't breathe. That's a continuous cycle going on."

He continued: "I say it again. Fuck you racist white people. I said what I said and if you don't like it go suck a dick. Respect black people online and if you say any racist shit you're blocked. I don't need you on my page. If you're a fan of me and you're racist and you're arguing with what I'm saying, fuck off, you fucking dickheads."

John later revealed on Twitter that his mum praised him for not backing down and speaking his mind.

As white people, it's essential that we don't police the way in which black people express their outrage at racism. There's no reason why John should have to defend his comments. Instead, we should look at the ways in which we are complicit in racism and change them.

Sign the petition to put pressure on DA Mike Freeman to charge and arrest the officers involved in George Floyd's murder: HERE.