JoJo Siwa says Demi Lovato and Jenna Dewan were her "gay awakenings"

15 July 2021, 16:44 | Updated: 15 July 2021, 16:58

JoJo Siwa opens up about coming out

By Katie Louise Smith

"I remember seeing [Cool For The Summer] and being just a little too interested."

JoJo Siwa has opened up about her girlfriend Kylie Prew, the beginnings of their relationship and her own 'gay awakenings' in a YouTube interview with Demi Lovato.

Speaking over Zoom for Demi's YouTube interview series, '4D With Demi Lovato', 18-year-old JoJo revealed the two stand out moments in pop culture that made her realise that she was part of the LGBTQ+ community.

The first one? One of the most iconic Lip Sync Battle performances of all time, courtesy of Jenna Dewan and Magic Mike. The second? Demi's own 'Cool For The Summer' performance, alongside dancer JoJo Gomez. Needless to say, Demi was absolutely living for JoJo's comments.

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JoJo Siwa opens up about her "gay awakening" with Demi Lovato
JoJo Siwa opens up about her "gay awakening" with Demi Lovato. Picture: Amy Sussman/Getty Images, Hollywood/Island Records, Spike

Opening up about her coming out journey with Demi, JoJo said: "I've been figuring out my 'gay awakenings' recently. I think I realised my very first gay awakening was Jenna Dewan's performance on Lip Sync Battle. I think that was one of them."

(Here's a reminder of Jenna's Magic Mike routine to Ginuwine's 'Pony', incase the performance is not already permanently etched into your memory anyway.)

JoJo then proceeds to tell Demi that their performance with dancer JoJo Gomez was another moment of realisation for her: "Do you remember your dancer her name is JoJo Gomez, and you did 'Cool For The Summer' together? I remember seeing that and being just a little too interested."

JoJo then also revealed to Demi that her girlfriend Kylie's 'gay awakening' happened at one of Demi's own concerts.

"She went to your concert, and it was that concert and she was probably about 12, maybe 13," JoJo told Demi. "And she was there with her mum. After the show her mum was like 'It was a great show, wasn't it?' and Kylie was like, 'Yep! So great!'"

Demi absolutely loved JoJo's confession, laughing along and replying to her saying, "I'm so happy I could play a role".

4D With Demi Lovato - Guest: JoJo Siwa

JoJo also opened up about the moment she told Kylie, who was her best friend at the time, that she liked her. JoJo explained that the lead up to the whole situation was "really hard."

"We live on opposite sides of the country and I got to see her over Christmas break," she said. "We went to Orlando, she lives close to Orlando so she got to drive up and spend Christmas Break with us. And in that time, I couldn't avoid my feelings."

JoJo continued: "She asked me, 'Do you have a crush on anybody right now?' and I was like, 'Yes', and she was like' Ok, who?' and I said 'I can't tell you'. She says that right then she knew it was her, and she had had a crush on me. But I was like, I can't tell her because she's my best friend. And why I didn't wanna tell her is because I didn't wanna lose our friendship."

"She ended up telling me that she had a crush on me, and I ended up telling her my crush was her. And she was like, 'I knew it!'"

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Back in February, JoJo opened up about how her girlfriend Kylie inspired her to come out to her fans and the public. Flash forward to July 2021, and JoJo and Kylie have now just celebrated their 6-month anniversary together! We LOVE to see it!

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