Skins star Kathryn Prescott hospitalised in ICU after being hit by truck

10 September 2021, 11:58

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By Rachel Finn

Kathryn's twin sister Megan Prescott shared the news of her accident on social media.

Actress Kathryn Prescott, best known for playing the role of Emily Fitch in Skins, has been badly injured in an accident in New York.

Kathryn’s twin sister Megan, who played Katie Fitch in the UK teen drama, shared the sad news on social media, saying that her sister had “narrowly avoided paralysis” and is “lucky to be alive” after being hit by a cement truck whilst crossing the road.

Posting to social media, Megan said: “I received the most terrifying phone call I’ve ever received in my life on Tuesday evening. My twin sister Kathryn was hit by a cement truck while crossing a road in New York on the 7th September."

Actress Kathryn Prescott in ICU after being hit by a truck in NYC
Actress Kathryn Prescott in ICU after being hit by a truck in NYC. Picture: JC Olivera/Getty Images, Channel 4

Megan continued: “After fighting through complex surgery some of Kathryn’s injuries include: broken pelvis in two places, both of her legs, her foot and her left hand. She is incredibly lucky to be alive. She narrowly avoided paralysis. The doctors are hopeful that she will make a full recovery but this will only be possible with the correct care right now.”

Kathryn is currently alone in New York with no family members and Megan is currently trying to get to the US to see her sister. According to her post, she has had her emergency visa request denied due to Covid restrictions, despite being double vaccinated and able to show a negative test. She’s appealing for help from anyone who might be able to assist her in getting to New York.

She added: “I will have to help her until she can start to walk again. I need to be there to help her with literally everything as she will be able to do incredibly little by herself. She will be in rehab for a very long time and will need 24/hr care even after she leaves the hospital.”

Megan explained that she was “heartbroken” at the situation and said she didn’t want Kathryn to “go through this alone.”

She urged fans to respect Kathryn’s privacy and not try to contact her, so that she can concentrate on her recovery.

Kathryn and Megan, both now 30, first shot to fame playing twin sisters Emily and Katie in Skins in 2009 and have since appeared in several other productions. Kathryn has appeared in Finding Carter and leant her voice to a role in Robot Chicken. Megan has appeared in the likes of Holby City and Silent Witness as well as competing in bodybuilding competitions.

We wish Kathryn a speedy recovery and hope the sisters are able to be reunited soon!