Kendall Jenner accused of cultural appropriation over "tone-deaf" 818 tequila ad

20 May 2021, 12:58

Kendall Jenner accused of cultural appropriation with new tequila advert

By Sam Prance

Kendall Jenner has since turned off her Instagram comments in response to the commercial backlash.

Kendall Jenner is coming under fire over the ad for her 818 tequila brand with many accusing her of cultural appropriation.

As soon as Kendall Jenner announced that she was launching a tequila brand last year, she was criticised for profiting off of Mexican culture. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant, which grows in the Jalisco region of Mexico, and production of tequila is protected by Mexican law. Given that Kendall has no ties to Mexico, she was accused of cultural appropriation.

Now, Kendall is coming under further cultural appropriation criticism after releasing the commercial for her 818 tequila.

Kendall Jenner accused of cultural appropriation over "tone-deaf" 818 tequila ad
Kendall Jenner accused of cultural appropriation over "tone-deaf" 818 tequila ad. Picture: @kendalljenner via Instagram, 818 Tequila

This week (May 18), Kendall posted the first 818 tequila campaign pictures with the caption: "what an incredible experience i have had thus far, learning about this beautiful place, it’s beautiful culture, and the beautiful people! @drink818 has launched in California... we will be rolling out to the rest of the US all summer long, keep a look out!!!"

Kendall also posted the first advert on the 818 Instagram page and the video, like the campaign photos, sees Kendall wear jeans, braids and a cowboy hat, while riding through a blue agave farm and visiting her tequila factory. In both the photos and the video, Kendall can be seen watching farmers and factory workers work.

Kendall was immediately called out for the 818 trailer and photos. One person tweeted: "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.....leave it to Kendall to be as tone deaf as possible, this is so offensive. Modeling that chic migrant worker look for her tequila brand, watch her cry and say she didn't know later on for the 100th time."

Another added: "Kendall Jenner coming out with her “own” tequila is ultimate modern day colonizer vibes", and a thread also went viral in which someone tweeted: "WHY YOU SHOULDN’T BUY KENDALL JENNERS 818 TEQUILA? thread for my non mexican mutuals explaining".

Kendall also received criticism on Instagram but she has since disabled her comments.

As it stands, Kendall is yet to directly address the backlash. We shall update you if she does.

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