Kim Kardashian receives backlash for selling used Yeezy shoes for $375

23 March 2022, 16:25 | Updated: 23 March 2022, 16:34

Kim Kardashian shows off new SKIMS swimwear collection

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"She might be the greediest person on the planet."

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Kim Kardashian was selling her used Yeezys on Kardashian Kloset for hundreds of dollars.

Kim is currently divorcing her estranged husband Kanye West, who is behind the Yeezy brand in collaboration with Adidas. As you probably know, the split hasn't been the most peaceful. Kanye has accused Kim of "antagonising" him by allowing their eight-year-old daughter, North West, to have a TikTok account and stopping him from taking their other three children to Sunday Service. He also has been threatening her new boyfriend Pete Davidson online, even making a music video where he decapitates him.

So, with Kim now officially legally single, it seems the SKIMS mogul has decided it's time to remove all ties to Kanye by flogging her Yeezy pieces on Kardashian Kloset.

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Kim Kardashian receives backlash for selling used Yeezy shoes for $375
Kim Kardashian receives backlash for selling used Yeezy shoes for $375. Picture: Hulu via Alamy, Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic, Kardashian Kloset

In case you didn't know, Kardashian Kloset is the Kardashian-Jenners clothing website. The website was created to "promote sustainability" and each item is hand-selected by a family member, allowing fans to own one-of-a-kind items worn by the famous family.

Kim was selling two pairs of the same Yeezy heeled sandals. One was priced at $350, while the other cost $375 because it comes with the box. However, at the time of writing the listing has been removed. It's not known if the items have sold or if it's due to the backlash because the listing gained a lot of attention on social media.

A lot of people found it strange how Kim Kardashian, who is a billionaire, is selling shoes that she more than likely received for free. Meanwhile, others thought it was simply an indication that she is truly done with Kanye.

"She might be the greediest person on the planet," someone commented on a now-viral Reddit thread about the listing. Another added: "Selling stuff you’ve gotten for free when you’re already a 'billionaire' is so GROSS."

Kardashian Kloset has been the source of backlash since it was launched, with many complaining that the Kardashian-Jenners should be giving their items away for free considering their immense wealth.

Earlier this year, Khloe Kardashian was criticised for listing her three-year-old daughter True's used clothing, with some items costing even more than the retail price.

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