Ross Lynch addresses viral rumour he secretly dated Austin & Ally co-star Raini Rodriguez

11 December 2023, 12:16 | Updated: 2 January 2024, 16:20

Ross Lynch vs. 'The Tower of Truth' | The Driver Era | PopBuzz Meets

By Sam Prance

A rumour that Ross Lynch and Raini Rodriguez were in a relationship went viral on TikTok in 2022.

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Ross and Raini truthers assemble! Ross Lynch has finally addressed the rumours that he dated his Austin & Ally co-star Raini Rodriguez.

Austin & Ally fans will already know that there is a longstanding viral rumour that Ross Lynch, who played Austin, secretly dated Raini Rodriguez, who played Trish, while they were on the show.

There's no actual evidence to support this theory but videos analysing their relationship often go viral on TikTok. These often include photos of the two stars being tactile with each other and past interviews where people think they were flirting.

Now, Ross has shut down the rumours that he was in a relationship with Raini once and for all.

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Ross Lynch addresses viral rumour he secretly dated Austin & Ally co-star Raini Rodriguez
Ross Lynch addresses viral rumour he secretly dated Austin & Ally co-star Raini Rodriguez. Picture: Robin L Marshall/WireImage, RUCE BIRMELIN/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Ross and his brother Rocky Lynch recently appeared as guests on the Main Pod Girl podcast.

During the interview, Ross was asked what the wildest rumour he's ever read about himself on the internet is.

Ross then replied: "I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. I feel like the craziest rumour ever was that people thought that Raini and I were romantic at one point."

Rocky then teased: "I still think they probably were." and Ross clapped back: "Shut up Rocky!"

Clearing things up, Ross added: "It's like a hilarious joke between me and the Austin & Ally cast now because she's just like so much my sister that it's hilarious."

He continued: "Raini and I, it's just like a hilarious assumption to make because it's so far from our actual relationship, the dynamics of our relationship."

Main Pod Girl - One of Your Main Pod Girls (feat. The Driver Era)

Ross then went on to call out social media for how quickly rumours can spread regardless of whether they're true or not.

So there we have it. There was no Ross and Raini love affair and the entire rumour is fake.

A reminder to not believe everything you read on the internet!

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