Todrick Hall says his friend broke into his home and stole $150,000 worth of items

6 December 2021, 17:55

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Todrick is going to take the high road and not press charges or throw your ass in jail. Enjoy the bags, hope it was worth it."

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Todrick Hall has revealed that the person who stole over $150,000 worth of items from him was actually his friend of eight years.

In July, TMZ reported that someone had broken into Todrick's home and stolen several designer handbags and personal property. At the time, it was estimated that over $50,000 worth of items had been taken but it was later revealed that the figure was a lot higher.

On Saturday (Dec 4), the RuPaul's Drag Race choreographer posted images of the smashed glass and hooded burglar on Instagram. He also shared a video of the burglar walking through his house with an accomplice. Todrick then revealed that the person responsible was actually a close friend.

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Todrick Hall.
Todrick Hall. Picture: World of Wonder, @todrick via Instagram

Todrick explained: "For those who keep asking. I DO know who broke into my house, and it broke my heart. It would’ve been sad for a stranger to take advantage of me, but the fact that it was a friend and someone I paid very well for almost 8 years crushes me and honestly made me lose a little faith in humanity.

"I am not going to put him on blast and tag him in this, but I want him, his fiancé and his friend to know that I know what they did. They stole over $150,000 worth of luxury bags from me, destroyed my floor to ceiling windows and worst of all put my cats in danger as he knows I have a family of coyotes living in my backyard."

Despite being hurt that he was betrayed by his friend, Todrick revealed that he does not plan to press charges. However, he has improved his security. He added: "Out of the kindness of my heart and the respect I have for the relationship we built ONCE AGAIN Todrick is going to take the high road and not press charges or throw your ass in jail. Enjoy the bags, hope it was worth it.

"I have now stepped my security system all the way up, have to have a live in security guard (which is ridiculous, but ya know…I’m going on tour so it has to be done) and now I know to truly trust no bitch. Not even the ones who pat you on the back and tell you how proud they are of you and your success 48 hours before they decide to rob you blind. Stop texting me and acting like you don’t know what you did. I never want to see you again."

Todrick went on to say that to add insult to injury he had hired a $5,000 private investigator to help find the perpetrator but they "ghosted" him. He also had trouble claiming for the stolen on his insurance. But in spite of all of this, he remains positive.

He continued: "Lastly, hey Momentous insurance brokerage, I pay for insurance for a reason. I want my money back asap. I know plenty of white artists who have gotten things stolen and received their money immediately because you 'believed them'. This was national news when it happened. I shouldn’t have to be begging Louis and Gucci in London to print out paper receipts and having my friends get them and mail them to me from every luxury store I’ve shopped at all over the world because you don’t believe me and won’t accept legitimate verified email receipts. It’s ridiculous.

"Anyway, I’m excited it’s Christmas, 2022 will be a better year. On to bigger and better things. Here’s to new music, new tours, big moves and BIG locks on all my doors."

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