Tom Holland invites young Spider-Man fan who saved sister from dog attack to No Way Home set

21 December 2021, 14:34

Tom Holland & Zendaya Hint 'No Way Home' May Be MJ's Last Spider-Man Movie

By Katie Louise Smith

Bridger spent the day with Tom, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and the cast of No Way Home and was also gifted a genuine Spider-Man mask.

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In case you needed more proof that Tom Holland is an absolute gem of a human being, here's a story that might bring a tear to your eye.

Last year, Spider-Man star Tom reached out to then-6-year-old Bridger Walker, after his heroic story went viral following a statement released on social media by his aunt. In 2020, Bridger saved his younger sister's life after jumping in front of a charging German Shepherd. He ended up needing 90 stitches to his head and face after he was bitten by the dog.

Marvel stars like Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Brie Larson and more all assembled to send Bridger videos and well wishes, commending him on his bravery.

Tom also called Bridger in person, offering him the chance to come and hang out on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Turns out that Tom kept his promise, as Bridger's family has now shared some incredible videos of him hanging out with Peter Parker himself in full Spider-Man costume.

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Describing the magical day on set, Bridger's father Robert Walker took to Instagram to share a series of photos alongside a lengthy caption, revealing that the whole thing was thanks to Tom, who delivered on the promise he previously made to Bridger.

"When we first arrived on set, I was a little apprehensive that once the 'curtain was pulled back' that the magic of the movies would be lost for the kids," Robert wrote. "The opposite was true! Tom, Zendaya, Harry, @lifeisaloha [Jacob Batalon], @tonyrevolori [Tony Revolori], and the entire cast/crew made our kids feel like stars.

They don’t just act the part of friendly neighbourhood heroes - that’s what they truly are."

Robert added that "the look on the kids’ faces was priceless when we rounded the blue-screen to see Tom, in full costume, high above the set on a light post."

He then noted that he'll "never forget the grace and kindness" that Tom and Zendaya showed the family: "Zendaya immediately approached my teenage daughter and told her how much she loved her nails. I don’t know if she will ever know how much that simple act means to me - to see my sweet daughter light up with self-confidence and joy."

Robert's caption continued, thanking Tom's brother Harry Holland for being their personal guide for the day: "Such a gentleman and genuinely good person. I cannot imagine there are more humble and gracious young men in all of Hollywood than the Holland boys."

At the end of the caption, Robert wrote: "We have loved seeing the reviews for @spidermanmovie. While there are so many reasons it will go down as one of the best ever - I personally think it is because the cast and crew are good, kind, and passionate people. Individuals who heard about a little boy’s injury, who wanted to make it right. People who were willing to stop a very busy day of shooting to make my little boy smile, and give him a chance to “web-swing” with his hero."

Tom Holland and Zendaya Teach Bridger the Spider-Man Pose

Bridger's family also documented his day on set on their YouTube channel, Bridger Buddies. Watch the adorable video above, and watch Tom take Bridger on a web swing here.

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