Tom Holland's reaction to Zendaya's Coachella performance is everything

24 April 2023, 13:25

Zendaya shows behind-the-scenes look at her Coachella performance

By Katie Louise Smith

"His name is tom holland and he is a Zendaya addict."

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Over the past few months, it seems as though Tom Holland and Zendaya have been inseparable as they've been spotted out together countless times near Tom's hometown of Kingston upon Thames, and in various cities around the world.

This past weekend (April 22), Zendaya made a surprise appearance at Coachella to perform her two songs from the Euphoria soundtrack with Labrinth. After losing their minds at Zendaya's performance, fans then immediately went looking for evidence that Tom had also travelled with her so he could support and hype her up.

So far, however, there's been no sign of Tom in the crowd or backstage. But for those desperate to see his adorable reaction to Zendaya's performance, all you need to do is head over to Instagram...

Was Tom Holland at Coachella for Zendaya's performance?

Tom Holland's reaction to Zendaya's Coachella performance is everything
Tom Holland's reaction to Zendaya's Coachella performance is everything. Picture: Indranil Aditya/NurPhoto via Alamy, Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Coachella

Unfortunately for fans of Tomdaya, there's no footage of Tom watching Zendaya's performance in the crowd, or from behind the stage. It's currently unclear if he was even in attendance.

Based on Zendaya's post-performance Instagram story, it sounds like the whole thing was put together pretty last minute, so it's entirely possible that Tom just wasn't available to be there on the night.

That said, the President of the Zendaya Stan Club himself clearly didn't miss her performance. In fact, he's been very active on Instagram and fans have spotted that Tom has been scrolling through the countless posts from fan accounts celebrating Zendaya's performance, and liking them all.

On one of the posts that Tom liked, the caption reads: "IT'S HER WORLD AND WE'RE JUST LIVING IN IT YUP EXACTLY"

Get you a partner that hypes you up as much as Tom hypes up Zendaya at every opportunity! We love a supportive boyfriend!

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