Celine NEON Are The Newest Awesomely Named Buzz Band You Need To Listen To Right Now

10 December 2014, 09:12 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Celine Neon

By Jacqueline Bowerman

Pun game: strong.

First there was Com Truise, but now arrives Celine NEON, the newest celeb-pun themed buzz band to fall out of our laptops in 2014.

Celine NEON comes as a project between two people based between LA and Chicago, existing purely between "emails and.. internet connection". It's bedroom pop gone grime, 90's aesthetic meets... chanting.

They are Emily Nejad and Maggie Kubley and you'd be more than wise to keep a few eyes on them this 2015. In recent interviews, Maggie has said she's especially a huge fan of the ever elusive pop record, which makes sense once your hear their recent brain-worm of a single, 'Getcha Good'. 

Talking to thegirlsare this year she said: 

"I can't lie, I love pop music! I really want to be someone who has this really nuanced super-sophisticated taste in music, but I really love pop music. [Katy Perry’s] ‘Teenage Dream’ is such a perfect pop song. I know [she] didn’t write that and Dr Luke and Max Martin had a big hand in it all, but those songwriters are great. I love to study them and people that topline for people like Rihanna and Beyoncé‎. I like to study that process, how that goes down, because I feel like that’s how Celine Neon do our thing too."

Maggie, Celine NEON

Celine Neon

Their Soundcloud page is already packed full of stuff ready to keep the weekend's house party afloat. You definitely need to check out 'Bleach'.

Celine NEON's latest single 'Getcha Good' comes alongside future-psychedelic visuals, aptly described by one YoUTube commenter as like watching the "conga on crack". 

And if you haven't already got a sense of Celine NEON, their new turkey mascot pretty much sums up their whole being. 


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