Ciara Interview: "I guess I just like really good songs."

14 July 2015, 14:41 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Ciara in a press picture wearing white

By Alim Kheraj

PopBuzz's quick-fire questions with Queen Ci-Ci.

Here at PopBuzz we love and underdog, which is why we <3 Ciara. 

While Ciara has had a long successful career, in the eyes of the general public she's never reached superstardom. Despite hits like "Goodies", "1, 2, Step" and "Like A Boy", it seems that Ci-Ci just can't crack the mainstream fully. 

However, without the demands from sales margins and expectations, Ciara has been allowed to blossom releasing some of the most mature and thought provoking R&B in recent years. 

You know all those sultry R&B jamz floating around at the moment? Well Ciara brought those back in 2013 with "Body Party". Likewise, Mike WiLL Made-It hit up Ciara before he scored a hit with Miley. And finally, "Love Sex Magic" had pre-empted the current funk trend back in 2009. Ciara has consistently been ahead of the curve. 

Ci-Ci's latest album Jackie is a confessional record, melding honest lyrics with modern production. With latest single "Dance Like We're Making Love", a sultry bop if there ever was one, out now, we caught up with Ciara for some quick-fire questions about mother-daughter relationships and her musical inspirations...

PopBuzz: Hello Ciara. How are you?
 I'm good thank you, darling. 

PB: Great. Let's talk about the new album Jackie. It's named after your mother. How important is that relationship between mother and daughter for you?
It's really important. If it wasn't for my parents raising me the way that they did I don't think that I'd be doing what I'm doing with my life. I also learned from my own experiences how I need to be the most supportive person I can be for my child, too, and give them them all the love in the world that they can have.

PB: We like that. If you had any advice for young people that are just trying to follow their dreams, what would it be? 
I think individuality is really important. I like to encourage young people to pursue what they believe in. You have to really stand by your beliefs and don't let off no matter what anybody tells you. There'll be a lot of times where people think your ideas are crazy or silly, but they can be the coolest ideas in world. Just don't let anyone get in the way of the direction you're going.  

PB: That seems like sound advice. Who are your musical inspirations? 
For me it's really simple. It's Michael Jackson and Janet. I also love Missy Elliot, too. I think she's made music that's gone in every genre. 

PB: Oh, well you and Missy must be quite good friends as you've worked together a few times. 
Oh yeah, she's my girl. I also love Sade. But I like all kinds of artists. Like Justin Timberlake, he does kinda urban pop but it's music that appeals to everyone. I guess I just like really good songs.

PB: We are also fans of really good songs. What's your song of the summer?
Ciara: "Dance Like We're Making Love" my new single. [laughs]

PB: C'mon now Ciara, it can't be your own song. 
Ciara: I know [laughs]. I've not been listening to the radio, but I like Drake's music. Also, that song that Kendrick Lamar song "Alright".

PB: Finally, back on the topic of good songs, let's talk about your underrated banger "Overdose". Please can you release an album that is entirely made out of that song?  
Just that song?

PB: Yes. And then you can make a video for each one
Ciara: And we'd call the album Overdose

PB: Absolutely, yes.
Ciara: And then you would overdose on "Overdose".

PB: Totally, this needs to happen. 
Ciara: Ok, I'll do it just for you. 

PB: Thank you Ciara, we'll expect our album of Overdose in the post. Bye! 

Ciara's latest album Jackie is out now. 


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