13 Empowering Songs That Will Give You The Ultimate Confidence Boost

8 March 2017, 12:59 | Updated: 8 March 2017, 16:47

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Panic!, Paramore and Twenty One Pilots are here to save you.

Look, we can’t all be kicking ass like the Power Rangers all the time. Some of us need a little more encouragement before sitting an exam or asking a crush out on a date, let alone saving the world from an army of stone golems!

That’s why Clearasil asked us to make a confidence boosting playlist of pure fiyah bangers and, to be honest, we think we’ve cracked it. Play it all day and play it LOUD. You’ve got this...


1. Green Day - 'Still Breathing'

If this doesn't make you want to punch the air into next week then I don't know what will tbh.


2. Bastille - 'Pompeii'

This song is the perfect battlecry for your squad when you're about to head into battle aka school.


3. The Weeknd - 'Can't Feel My Face'

Good vibes = more confidence than you can possibly handle. 


4. Kanye West - 'Power' 

Is there anyone better equipped to help people with their confidence than the guy who once said he's the "greatest living rock star on the planet"? No, there isn't.


5. Panic! At The Disco - 'Victorious'

Mate, getting out of a bed is a victory some days. Reward yourself with this banger. 


6. Lorde - Royals

Lorde thinks "we'll never be royals" but honestly she should speak for herself. 


7. Ariana Grande - 'Dangerous Woman'



8. Paramore - 'Fast In My Car'

Turn it up LOUD! 


9. M83 - 'Midnight City'

Arguably the most euphoric song ever written?  


10. Wolf Alice - 'Bros'

No one can touch you when you're blasting this one. 


11. Mariana And The Diamonds - 'Primadonna' 

"I know I've got a big ego, I really don't know why it's such a big deal, though" - Literally, Marina couldn't be anymore confident! 


12. Twenty One Pilots - 'Lane Boy'



13. Fall Out Boy - 'Centuries'

You will go down in history for centuries after listening to every song in this playlist. FACT. 


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